New adventure

Moving to Facebook Research

Some personal news: After nearly 8 years at Sandia National Laboratories , I'll be moving to Facebook Research (specifically Facebook Reality Labs/Oculus Research ) next month. I'm excited to work on developing new machine learning and computational physics techniques to enable the future of virtual and augmented reality. I am very grateful to my amazing colleagues at Sandia for supporting our ideas, providing a great research environment, and working on problems essential to national security. Leaving the Bay Area for Seattle will be bittersweet, but we hope to return often. Also, I'll continue publishing and will stay strongly engaged with the computational science and engineering (CS&E) research community. Looking forward to the new adventure!

Kevin T. Carlberg
AI Research Science Manager

My research combines machine learning, computational physics, and high-performance computing. The objective is to discover structure in data to drastically reduce the cost of simulating nonlinear dynamical systems at extreme scale. I also work on technologies that enable the future of virtual and augmented reality.